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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invite users?

To invite users click on the ‘invite users’ link in the upper right or the ‘invite users’ link on the central dashboard as shown in the video below. Next, click on the blue invite button and enter the email address of the user you wish to invite. When you click the green invite button, an email invitation will be sent to the user. When they accept your invite they will appear on the user list. All invited users who have not accepted invitations are visible on ‘view invites’ and each invitation can be removed by clicking on the remove button on the right hand side.

How do I create a file for use with Reportin?

To create a file click on the ‘Add files’ link in the central dashboard as shown in the video below or first click on the files icon on the left hand column. On the files page click on the ‘New’ blue button and select if you would like to create a folder or Excel or Word file. After naming the file click Create.

How do I upload a file for use with Reportin?

To upload a file click on the upload icon as shown in the video below. Either drag the file on the dashboard or click ‘Select File’ and choose the file from its source and click Open to upload.

How do I delete a file on Reportin?

To delete a file on Reportin first click next to the file to open the file details on the right hand side as shown in the video below. Next click on the garbage icon in the upper right and confirm the deletion by clicking “I Know, Delete”.